Adhesives for paper Papermax CR/S-5K

Клей для бумаги Papermax CR S-5K
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Adhesives for paper Papermax CR/S-5K
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Description and characteristics — Adhesives for paper Papermax CR/S-5K

Adhesive Papermax CR/S-5K is a dispersed colorless glue based on an aqueous dispersion of polyvinyl acetate. Creates an elastic and very hardy, colorless glue seam. Does not crumble during bending of the adhesive surfaces. Adhesive Papermax CR/S-5K — fast binding, intended for gluing normally absorbing papers and cardboards.

Purpose and scope

Adhesive for the packaging industry:

  • Manufacture of packages from paper, cardboard and textiles, as well as for the production of cardboard texture (including packaging for food);
  • Gluing (laminating) the texture of cardboard (for gluing large paper and cardboard surfaces).


The amount of dry residue 51 ± 2%
pH 3.5-7.5
Viscosity 4000-6000 mPa∙s


Polyvinyl acetate


Apply mechanically or manually, depending on the application. Use standard tools and equipment for applying glue. The glue is delivered ready for use.


Machines and equipment should be cleaned with warm or cold water before the glue dries.


The product is offered in buckets of 20 and 70 kg and eurocubes (IBC-containers) 1000 kg of plastic.


The glue should be stored and transported in original, tightly closed containers at a temperature of 5-35 °C, which should guarantee it optimum stability and stability. Protect from freezing, in case of freezing, glue will be irreparably damaged. Glue should not be stored with heaters and in places exposed to direct sunlight. With proper storage, it retains its properties for 12 months.