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Wenge wood

«Euroshpon-Trade» offers high-quality sliced veneer and lumber board made of valuable wood — wenge.

Wenge is an expensive and elite type of wood, as it has unique properties, high-quality sliced veneer and lumber board are made of wenge wood.

Wenge wood has disinfectant properties — independently resists insects and fungi, therefore products made from it are not only aesthetically beautiful, but also durable, resistant to the environment.

Wenge wood has a noble chocolate color, with elegant patterns, shades can be different, from light brown to maroon-black.

You can purchase from us sliced veneer wenge, 0.54 mm thick, and also lumber board high quality from the same wood type — wenge. The company «Euroshpon-Trade» offers quality products that meet all international standards and requirements. We work only with proven and reliable manufacturers of sliced ​​veneer and exotic wood furniture lumber boards.

Wenge wood — features and benefits

The exotic Wenge wood is from Africa, which is why its unique decorative pattern is associated with African motifs, like a wild animal left the pattern with its claws.

Wenge has been mentioned since 1904, it was then that they discovered the high quality properties and beauty of this wood species. You can also find other names of the wenge tree, it is a pink tree from Congo, dikela, bokongue, avong, rosewood.

Wood color can vary from light brown to dark chocolate, which allows sliced veneer to produce a unique shade and pattern.

Wenge has antibacterial properties, therefore, products from this wood should not be afraid of fungus, the process of decay, parasites and mold, the durability of products from wenge is ensured.

Basic properties of wenge wood

Botanical name Millettia laurentii De Wild
Other tree names Jambire, mpande, awoung, panga-panga
Growing place Africa
Density, kg/m3 840-950
Hardness (Brinell coefficient) 4.2
Fiber Direct
Primary color Dark brown
Texture Rough
Exposure to shrinkage Less exposed
Susceptibility Hard to polish
Wear Resistance Top class
Smell Sweet
Durability Top class

Wenge wood requires hydrothermal treatment and is hot sawn. When sawing, growth rings are clearly visible, but there are no rays.

Wenge wood is strong enough, has a hardness greater than that of oak and ash, which gives it an additional positive characteristic, and sliced veneer and wenge board are referred to materials with high quality properties.

Wenge wood has a large amount of oily substances, so it is difficult to process. The most correct and safe treatment option is waxing. Drying wood is slow.

In a dry wenge board, the moisture content does not exceed 12%. When using wenge wood in the furniture industry, it is often combined with other wood species, which improves the performance and appearance of products.

«Euroshpon-Trade» offers high-quality sliced veneer and lumber board wenge at competitive prices and of the highest quality. We also have a wide range of products for the production of furniture and doors made of various types of wood with the best characteristics.

Wenge wood application

Worldwide, wenge wood trim is considered interesting and expensive.

Natural wenge wood will not only make the interior perfect, but also highlight the high status and fine taste of the room owner.

Over time, wenge wood changes its color, becomes darker, which adds to it a touch of exoticism and popularity among famous designers. Wenge is often used to compose a mosaic of parquet, for decorative elements of furniture, doors, etc.

Wenge wood is used to create expensive and elite products, both large and small forms. The cost of such furniture is much higher than that of other wood species, but the appearance will never make you regret choosing lumber from wenge wood.

Buy lumber from wenge

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