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Anigre wood

Anigre — the shining tree of Africa, thanks to the pearly luster given to this tree by nature, the anegre wood cannot be confused with other tree species.

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Anigre grows in African countries, the wood of this tree has a slightly wavy pattern, the color of the wood is uniform yellow-brown, sometimes with a pink tinge. Wood may resemble birch, but the beauty of the products from the Anigre breed is complemented by the unique pearl luster of the material. The anigre tree is also called the Nigerian birch, the sun tree.

Anigre wood does not have a high resistance to various types of corrosion, especially of biological origin, therefore it requires non-degradable treatment, which usually doesn’t cause any problems, anigre wood is amenable to various types of treatment — polished, dried, glued, painted, varnish is opened, etc.

Anigre wood is stable, keeps its shape well, after drying the moisture is 30%.

Anigre wood properties

Botanical name Aningeria spp
Other tree names Agnegre, Ian-: dosan, mukali, kali, mukangu, muna, osan
Growing place West and East Africa
Density, kg/m3 510-570
Hardness (Brinell coefficient) 4.4
Stability, arb. units 3
Primary color Light yellow
Texture Medium to large
Exposure to shrinkage Less exposed
Susceptibility Perfectly any processing
Wear resistance Top class
Smell Light cedar smell
Durability Top class

Woodworking products from anigre wood have all the necessary characteristics for widespread use in the furniture industry.

Anigre wood is popular, easy to process, has a great warm appearance and a nice price.

You can buy sliced veneer anigre, as well as profile wrapping veneer from the same type of wood from us. The company «Euroshpon-Trade» offers convenient and favorable terms of cooperation, excellent product quality and a wide range of materials for furniture production.

Anigre wood applications

Due to the fact that the breed of anigre tree is easily amenable to any kind of processing, it is used in many industries. So in the furniture industry from it are made various types of products. The only thing that is worth remembering when processing anigre, materials containing calcium in the composition, it is better not to use so that no white spots appear on the wood.

Anigre — excellent material for furniture production, products from anigre look expensive, fit into any interior, while bringing warmth and comfort, as well as quite durable.

Beds, dressers, chairs, tables and other furniture are produced from anigre wood, and anigre is widely used for varying the complexity of interior decoration.

Often anigre wood is used to finish and create musical instruments – guitars, piano keys, xylophones, violins, etc. This wood looks very gentle and expensive due to its light shine and uniform pattern.

Buy anigre wood

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