Blockboard — advantages and applications

Blockboard is one of the best materials of wood for furniture production. Strength and at the same time ease of a blockboard made this material popular in the market of furniture materials.

Blockboard is a panel made of wood, composed of slats or bars, they can be glued together for greater durability, and are covered with veneer from both sides, in one or two layers. A very important advantage of Blockboard is in terms of form stability. The laying of rails or bars in the manufacture of blockboard is a method of deck – in the run-up.

Blockboard is perfect for creating high-end, high-quality furniture of various kinds. The furniture from a blockboard considerably differs from furniture from other materials, it has long term of operation, is durable and strong, and also has fine elegant appearance.

The «Euroshpon-Trade» company offers a blockboard of high quality and at the pleasant price. The blockboard is made according to all international standards and requirements, so it has excellent quality and performance. Here you can also buy sliced veneer, natural edge banding, adhesive melt for veneering and edgebanding etc.

Blockboard has no external difference from a natural tree, but its weight is lighter, it is practical and has long service life. If you need furniture material, then the blockboard is an ideal solution, eco-friendly and safe.

Advantages of blockboard:

  • Light weight and easy to carry and operate;
  • Wide range of application;
  • Environmentally friendly, no formaldehyde;
  • Long service life, corrosion resistance;
  • High level of strength close to solid wood;
  • Dimensional stability;
  • Modernity and beautiful appearance;
  • Use a blockboard for no additional veneering;
  • Affordable price for both high quality furniture material.

Blockboard is made from one tree species, it is not amenable to shrinkage, swelling and other deformations, and therefore is a popular furniture material, and also material for the manufacture of panels, doors, stairs, partitions etc. in addition to this blockboard is also used in building and shipbuilding, which proves its durable.

The blockboard can be made in two ways which final product is equally strong and durable. Ways of production of a blockboard are block and rack.

Production process of a blockboard quite difficult. This includes many stages, it is the selection of wood, sawing, material processing, Assembly and gluing of slats or bars, grinding, veneering, and packaging of blockboard. Boards should be stored and transported and stacked in a horizontal position.

Requirements for the production of blockboard:

  • Slats or bars must be from the same species of wood;
  • Not allowed on rails cracks, wane, and other defects;
  • Warping of a blockboard can be 1,5-2,5 mm, no more;
  • Undulation of the carpentry of the plate may be up to 0.6 mm;
  • The direction of the wood fibers should be the same in the outer layer and in the sublayer;
  • The direction of the fibers in the outer and the underlayer is perpendicular to the slats or bars.

Blockboard — known material from wood which found the application in the furniture industry, from a blockboard make furniture of the highest class, and also sofas, partitions, doors and ladders, can use in facing of walls, in car building and shipbuilding.

The company «Euroshpon-Trade» offers quality blockboard made in accordance with the requirements of production. With us you will receive furniture material of high quality and with a long service life. We invite to cooperation, to work with us profitably and conveniently, we are ready to discuss individually all details of work with each client.