Lumber board Zebrano

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Lumber board Zebrano
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Description and characteristics — Lumber board Zebrano

  • Wood species: Zebrano
  • Dimensions:
    • Thickness: from 26 mm to 52 mm
    • Width: 150 mm +
    • Length: 2100 mm +
  • Country of origin of raw materials: import
  • Manufacturer: import
  • Packaging: individual boards laid in pallets
  • Quality: FAS grade

Characteristics of Wood

Zebrano is an exotic wood species obtained from trees belonging to the genus Microberlinia (Microberlinia brazzavillensis and Microberlinia bisulcata). Wood has become widespread due to its strength and original large texture – the zebrano pattern resembles the coloring of a zebra, dark stripes on a light background.

Other names are zingana, zebrawood.

Trees belonging to the genus Microberlinia grow in West Africa, in the countries of Gabon, Cameroon, Congo.

The kernel is pale golden with narrow dark brown to black stripes, clearly separated from very pale sapwood. It can also be pale brown with dark brown spots of varying sizes.

It is a heavy and hard wood with a somewhat coarse texture, often with curl (intersecting or wavy grain). Density in dry condition is 750 – 800 kg / m³, Brinell hardness – 4.1 kgf / mm². As with many other tropical woods, curvature can be difficult to handle.

Application options

Zebrano is used for plywood, wall panels, furniture, marquetry, turning, veneer, flooring, and exclusive items. Since the wood is quite hard, skis and tool handles are made from it. It is also used for making inserts into billiard cues. This wood was often used in the interior decoration of Mercedes-Benz cars. It is used for the manufacture of grips for pistols, as well as a body material for guitars and ukuleles.