Furniture edge-glued panel — types and applications

Wood — It is not only affordable and versatile material, but also ecologically clean and aesthetically beautiful. Initially, the furniture industry used a board, which was not always convenient and durable, as the larger the board size, we are more likely that it may have chips, cracks and other deformations.

In order to use wood more durable furniture edge-glued panel was invented, which consists of different parts of natural wood, glued together tightly.

From the history of furniture materials, you can see that the first furniture edge-glued panel began to be manufactured in the Middle Ages, but the industrial production of the edge-glued panel as a separate kind of material was established in the 70s.

Furniture edge-glued panel are used not only in the furniture industry, but also in the manufacture of stairs, steps, walls and verandas, as well as to create a unique interior of cafes, restaurants, salons, hotels, etc.

Types of furniture edge-glued panel

This material can be of several types, depending on the production technology, which can affect its scope and individual quality characteristics.

Depending on the technology, furniture edge-glued wood panel can be:

  • With an open spike
  • With a closed spike
  • One-piece canvas;
  • Fused construction of material that is divided into products
  • With a single-layered cloth
  • With a multi-layer fabric.

Since the use of a furniture edge-glued panel directly depends on the characteristics, two directions of this material are produced:

  • For the furniture industry — gluing from the lamellas to the full length of the fabric. Such material has an ideal surface of high quality;
  • For carpentry — the surface of such a shield edge-glued panel is of a lower quality, as the final finish of the product is mainly carried out.

Surface quality determines the grade of the furniture edge-glued wood panel:

  • Extras — the canvas is perfectly flat, has neither chips nor knots. When it is produced, lamellas are selected in one key, with a similar pattern. Such edge-glued panel are expensive, but they also look very attractive;
  • Grade A — the cloth is uniform in pattern and color, but a small number of small deformation marks are allowed. The price of such a edge-glued panel is kept at a height, expensive furniture products are produced from this material;
  • Grade B — on the canvas are not allowed cracks and other obvious defects, the selection of lamellas for the uniformity of the pattern and color is not made;
  • Grade C — such furniture edge-glued panels usually pass the finish, for example lamination or veneering. They may have cracks, chips, knots.

Wood for the production of furniture edge-glued panels

There is a large number of types of wood used for the production of furniture edge-glued panels. Each buyer has an individual approach to choosing the color of furniture, so the tree species often determines the further coloring of furniture products.

Such material as birch has a lighter shade from ivory to a gray-red hue. In the pattern can be dark waves.

Pine shade more yellow will, in the production after drying material may darken to dark red, depending on the production technology.

Oak has a more brown structure, the pattern has a lot of narrow light lines. The quality characteristics of the furniture edge-glued panel from this tree species are higher.

Ash is very similar in its structure to the oak, only with a lighter shade. Characteristics of the furniture edge-glued panel made of ash are excellent for both in furniture production and in construction.

Maple has redwood and its quality characteristics at a high level, perfectly suited for the creation of furniture products of any type.

Alder is used as a material for furniture edge-glued panels very often, but its shades are very diverse, it has up to 30 shades of red in its color.

Cherry has clear parallel lines of lines on a dark red canvas. Many unique wooden interior objects make this kind of wood look expensive and stylish.

The furniture edge-glued panel is produced not only of different varieties, color shades, but also of various sizes, which makes it a universal material.

Using a furniture edge-glued panel

The furniture edge-glued panel has found its application in various areas, from it receive:

  • Furniture products;
  • Elements of interior decoration;
  • Door leaves;
  • Stairs and steps;
  • Different elements of wood decoration.

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