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American walnut wood

The company «Euroshpon-Trade» offers high-quality planed veneer, edge, Board made of wood — american walnut.

American walnut — is a kind of wood with unique texture and interesting pattern and color scheme. Here you can buy veneer is sliced american walnut thickness of 0.54 mm at an affordable price, as well as excellent quality lumber board american walnut and natural edge banding from the same wood — american walnut.

We import products from North America, which is the birthplace of the tree american walnut. «Euroshpon-Trade» provides customers with favorable terms of cooperation — this is a high level of product quality and affordable cost.

American walnut wood — features and benefits

American walnut — is a well-known, high-quality wood in the furniture industry, its homeland is North America, its Eastern regions.

The color scheme of american walnut is diverse: from gold to chocolate, you can say almost black rich color.

The unique property of American walnut wood is its change in color, fresh wood usually has a dark shade, thanks to a beautiful plaque, but later the color becomes brighter. You can find the name of American walnut — «black walnut», but the natural color of the wood is not black, walnut sapwood is usually creamy white color, the core of the tree can have from light brown to chocolate color. Sometimes the surface of the wood has a unique dark red or black streaks, which is why the second name of the wood is American black walnut. American walnut wood is a versatile and one of the most aesthetic materials, in addition, it tolerates temperature changes and fluctuations in humidity.

Usually American walnut has a straight-fiber structure of the wood, but sometimes there may be an attractive waviness, which displays a decorative pattern of wood.

American walnut wood is great for the furniture industry, as it has a number of advantages, such as durability in use and a good tendency to processing.

American nut has a medium hardness, which makes it possible to work with this material, both on the machine and hand tools. American walnut can be polished to a mirror Shine, apply unique thread elements to it, as well as use steam bending and turning thread for its processing. If you find the right approach to this type of wood, American walnut perfectly glued under the conditions of this stage of furniture work.

Properties of american walnut wood

Botanical name Juglans nigra
Common name Walnut, American walnut
Other names Black Walnut, Canaletto, Virginia Walnut, Black Hickory Nut
Fire resistance Middle class
Quenching zone < 250
Dried hardness 4,492
Maximum compressive strength (dried) 52,264
Curl strength dried 100,667
Modulus of elasticity dried 11,584
Standard density dried 609 kg/m3
Tangential shrinkage 7,8%
Radial shrinkage 4-5%
Shrinkage volumetric with 10.2%
Resistance to woodworm Middle class

Application of american walnut wood

American walnut is popular among the woods for the furniture industry, due to its quality characteristics and attractive appearance. American walnut is used for the manufacture of joinery, doors, flooring, as well as for paneling and furniture products of high quality.

American walnut has resistance to corrosion, versatility in use, so it is so often used in flooring, as a final coating, and in the construction preparation. American walnut wood guarantees not only a beautiful interior, but also heat, strength and natural beauty.

Walnut is made use of for construction of an internal balustrade. Usually, elements of balustrades for a more vivid appearance reveal varnished, then the wood receives additional from the quality and rich appearance. The strength of the material of American walnut allows it to be used to create stairs, so their quality, appearance and durability are ensured. You can apply American walnut to stairs, both traditional design and design innovations.

If you opt for the American walnut paneling room panels you can get heat, long life and perfect appearance.

American walnut is also known as a material for rifle boxes and musical instruments, which once again emphasizes its versatility and quality, aesthetic characteristics.

Buy american walnut

All wooden structures and materials from American walnut for furniture production and construction — panels, stairs, floors are based on materials such as Board, veneer and the edge of American walnut, which you can buy in the company «Euroshpon-Trade».

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