Wood species

Olive wood

Olive tree is a noble, unique plant with which many stories and myths are associated. Olive wood has special characteristics, such as weight, density, complex pattern and a large amount of oil in the wood.

«Euroshpon-Trade» offers quality olive sliced veneer, made in accordance with all international standards and requirements, our partners are proven manufacturers of planed veneer.

Wood from olive deliver us from countries of the Mediterranean that is home to the olive tree. To fully satisfy the customer in the price-quality ratio, we offer veneer planed from olive wood of three varieties — A, B, C, as well as related varieties AB, BC. We strive to make the conditions of cooperation with our partners as profitable and reliable as possible.

Olive wood and its processing

Olive tree, as wood is quite expensive material, this is due to the fact that the tree trunk is very small flat areas. Typically, the olive tree grows from 12 meters and above and has up to 0.8 meters in diameter. The trunk thus has enough knots, hollows and curvatures. The materials of olive wood are very rare to find more than 2 meters. The processing of the olive tree is a complex process, but the result is a beautiful appearance and quality.

Olive processing is laborious and takes some time, as the composition has a large number of oils, and it makes additional steps in the production of veneer — bleaching and desiccation of wood. The fibers of the olive tree are unevenly spaced, and this is also another difficulty in the processing of the tree.

One of the stages of the processing process is drying wood, which takes a long time, dry it very slowly at low temperature, so that in any case not to deform the wood. The high density and hardness of wood makes it difficult to cut, only high-quality tools and professional approach are needed.

Olive wood is well treated with paints, varnishes. Tools water-based is typically not used, as there can be stains on the material to be deleted must be first primed surface.

Basic properties of the olive tree

Botanical name Olea europaea
Other tree names Olivo, Olivier, Olive tree
Place of growth Southern Europe
Density, kg/m3 850-950
Hardness (Brinell ratio) 6,0
Stability, CONV. unit 3
Primary color Yellow-white
Texture Thin, dense
Susceptibility to drying Not affected
Exposure treatment Perfectly ground
Wear resistance Upper class
Smell Sweet
Durability Upper class

Olive wood has an excellent color scheme, the main color of its yellow-white, but thanks to the brown stripes, it is a unique decorative pattern that looks very attractive in the decoration of furniture products. At the same time, the wood is perfectly polished and well polished, get a beautiful shine of the material.

Olive wood is an ideal material for the furniture industry, olive products are durable and aesthetically beautiful. The only bad point is the susceptibility to parasites. But if you properly care for the products, it is not a problem.

Olive wood products have a unique smell, it is not unpleasant, a little sweet and can last for many years of service of olive wood products. In appearance has some similarities with marble, this wood gives a yellow-brown core and original stains on yellow-white fabric.

Application of olive wood

Olive tree as wood is often used in the furniture industry. The wood pattern has a unique character, namely marbling. Most often, olive wood is made of veneer, which is then processed the surface of furniture products, giving them an expensive and beautiful appearance. Olive veneer treated cabinets, tables, chairs, chests of drawers, beds and other furniture. This furniture is exclusive, has a high cost.

Also, olive wood is used for finishing of parquet, panel finishing, turning products, art products in decorations, small decorative products — dishes, boxes, etc.the Material is popular, as it combines the durability of oak and delicate appearance, and larch resistance to corrosion.

Buy olive wood

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