Sliced ​​veneer Bog Oak

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Sliced ​​veneer Bog Oak
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Description and characteristics — Sliced ​​veneer Bog Oak

In “Euroshpon-Trade” you can buy veneer at a low price, made of different types of wood, with guaranteed high quality. We cooperate directly with the leading veneer manufacturer in Ukraine — “Euroshpon-Smyga”

Sliced ​​veneer of bog oak is made of valuable solid wood with noble brown, almost black hues. Having undergone special processing, it acquires the best characteristics of strength and wear resistance, which makes bog oak veneer a durable finishing material. We offer to buy veneer in Ukraine from this and other valuable species. 

Favorable conditions for cooperation

At “Euroshpon-Trade” we cooperate with partners from Ukraine and other countries. Here you will find favorable conditions for wholesale buyers, a reasonable price-quality ratio, and a high level of service.

Our advantages:

  • A wide range of veneers. More than 50 options to choose from, from economy to premium.
  • Deliveries directly from the leaders in the production of veneer and other materials for the production of furniture, doors.
  • Fast delivery across Ukraine and to other countries directly from our warehouses.
  • We advise on the selection of products.
  • The opportunity to get acquainted with the products in our sales offices.

Characteristic of bog oak sliced veneer

  • Wood species: Oak
  • Veneer thickness: 0.6
  • Specification of length: m 2,10+
  • Manufacturer: Import
  • Country of origin raw materials: Import
  • Packing: individual packages on pallets to 5,000 m2, with the individual bar code and package information.

Sorted by quality

  • Grade A — width from 100 mm and more, uniform color and surface, without errors, stem and pith rays, knots, “live” knots 1 pc. per running meter.
  • Grade B — width from 100 mm and more, minor defects are allowed: color changes, unevenness (corrugation), stem and core rays, “live” knots.

We also sort on request the different varieties of quality — “AB, BC”. This gives us the opportunity to fully satisfy requests in terms of price-quality ratio.

Application of Bog Oak sliced veneer

Sliced veneer of bog oak imitates the structure and color of bog wood, while remaining affordable at price. Buried logs in peat bogs are preserved for several tens, or even hundreds, and sometimes thousands of years. In conditions of extremely low oxygen levels, wood is protected from destruction, and iron salts and other minerals interact with tannins in the wood. Gradually the oak acquires a distinct dark brown, almost black color. 

Processing. Easy to handle with tools. Does not require additional finishing with impregnation, stains, other tint compounds. To emphasize the natural shine, it is recommended to use special finishing formulations.

Fields of application:

  • External finishing works.
  • Finishing of furniture, doors, windows.
  • Elements of stairs.
  • Interior panels.
  • Parquet, terrace board.
  • Musical instruments.
  • Finishing of turning products.
  • Decor and interior items.
  • Car and yacht interiors.

Characteristics of bog oak wood

Oak is a strong, hard species with a dense structure and pronounced medullary rays. The heartwood differs from sapwood in a darker hue. Wood is valued for its density, hardness, moisture resistance. It does not crack or warp, which makes it one of the most valuable breeds. 

Oak wood bends well, has a low degree of shrinkage, is easy to process, and over time acquires a noble darker shade. These characteristics make it preferable in any carpentry and turning production, finishing and decorative work.

Technical properties of stained oak wood

Botanical name Quércus
Tensile strength, MPa


Density, kg / m3 570-690
Hardness (Brinell coefficient)   4
Modulus of elasticity, GPa 12.2
Color Dark brown, with a black tint
Texture Dense, fiber
shrinkage Average
Processing Light
Durability High

Manufacturer of Bog Oak sliced veneer

Company “Euroshpon-Smyha” is the leading manufacturer of wood veneer of high quality in Ukraine. Many years of experience, strict quality control, the use of modern equipment and technologies are the key to the company’s success. The results of the work are confirmed by quality certificates for compliance with international standards: ISO 9001: 2009, IWAY, FSC. 

Euroshpon-Trade is the official representative of the company. We are trusted by partners from Ukraine, Poland, Greece, Lithuania, Denmark, Russia, Spain, Belarus, Slovakia.

You can buy veneer from bog oak and other species in our sales offices: in Ukraine (Kyiv, Lviv, Kharkiv, Dnepr), Belarus (Minsk). You can also place an order on the website or by calling the specified phone numbers. 

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