Sliced veneer Ash Olive, Radial

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Sliced veneer Ash Olive, Radial
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Description and characteristics — Sliced veneer Ash Olive, Radial

Company “Euroshpon-Trade” offers natural ecological material made of finest wood with international standards and requirements compliance.

colored Ash Quarter Cut Veneer is a material that completely flushes with oak. It is available in the variations of length, thickness, grade. Also is corresponding to all quality characteristics: thin, durable, resistant to water and other outer factors. 

We offer to buy veneers at a low price directly from the manufacturer “Euroshpon-Smyga”, on the most favourable conditions for wholesale buyers.

Advantages to working with us

At “Euroshpon-Trade” we are always glad to create the atmosphere for profitable collaboration. The best service and personal approach — is what you will find here!

  • Direct supplies from the manufacturer “Euroshpon-Smyga” and other global market leaders.
  • A wide assortment of veneers: from economical to elite.
  • Product samples are available in our sales offices.
  • Delivery across Ukraine and worldwide.
  • Customers support in the selection of products and paperwork.
  • Pleasant prices for ash wood veneers or from other wood species veneers.

Features of colored Ash Quarter Cut Veneer

  • Wood breed: colored ash
  • Veneer thickness: 0.54 mm; 1.5 mm; 2 mm
  • Length options:
    • “Panel” — 2800 mm (110.2 inches) and more
    • “Door” — 2100-2750 mm (82,67-108,26 inches)
    • “Furniture” — up to 2050 mm (80,7 inches)
  • Country of origin: Ukraine
  • Manufacturer: “Euroshpon-Smyga”
  • Packaging: individual packages on pallets up to 5000 sq. metres (53819,55 sq. ft), with an individual bar code and packaging information.


  • Grade A — width from 100 mm+, flat surface without the stem and medullary rays, mechanical damage, “live” knots – 1 piece per linear meter. The pattern is uniform
  • Grade B — width from 100 mm +, some errors are allowed: irregularities (corrugation), “live” knots, stem and pith rays, changes in the pattern.
  • Grade C — width from 90 mm+, errors allowed: irregularities (corrugation), sapwood, knots, stem and medullary rays.

Also by customers’ request, we make sorting with related grades — “AB, BC”. This gives us the opportunity to ensure value for money.

Use of sliced wood veneer

colored Ash Quarter Cut Veneer is a versatile item used in many fields. It’s matched to oak by its properties and worth. 

  • Walls and floors finishing in apartments and offices.
  • Heated floors, outdoor terraces, exterior finishing.
  • Finishing of furniture and doors, with any basis: MDF, chipboard, fiberboard, plywood and so on.
  • Decoration of rooms where sudden temperature or humidity variations could be: baths, kitchens, yachts and car interior, saunas.
  • Manufacturing of musical instruments.

Light hues allow combining ash veneer with almost any interior where is needed to create a feeling of lightness, space, light.

colored ash veneer can be lent to additional treatment. It can be brushed, varnished, impregnated. With such features, it’s possible to create high-end while affordable production.

Wood breed features

colored ash is one of the most solid and durable among others. It practically coreless, with an expressive, coarse texture. Light tones can vary in hue from yellow (sapwood) to light olive (core).

Wood has the following advantages: strength, resilience, durability, elasticity, heavyweight, moderate drying out, low thermal conductivity, moisture resistance. It is well polished and does not crack, has a high resistance to mechanical pressure.

Processability. It’s easily lent to steam bending, fastening, glueing, cutting, carving, grinding, heat treatment.

All these characteristics make ash a convenient material and provide the hi-end veneer quality, as well as a wide range of its application.

Technical characteristics of colored ash wood 

Botanical name Fraxinus
Breaking point, MPa 118-140 (crushing/rupture), 13,4 (chipping in the direction of the fiber)
Density, kg/m3 680 кг/м³
Hardness (Brinell coefficient) 8
Elastic Modulus, GPA 11.9
Color Bright, yellowish-gray
Texture large, expressive, tough
Shrinkage Low-medium
Workability Hard treated with staining, dyeing, manually
Wear resistance Top class
Natural wetness 36%
Durability Высший класс

About the manufacturer of colored ash quarter cut sliced veneer

“Euroshpon-Smyga” — the leader in the production of sliced ​​veneer in Ukraine, as well as the bending edges, board and other lumber. The quality is confirmed by numerous international certificates. Passed the verification of compliance with IWAY standards, is the authorized body of IKEA since 2018. The raw materials comply with FSC® certification. Products are environmentally friendly and have high quality.

Company’s products are well known not only in Ukraine. Among the permanent partners are enterprises of Poland, Greece, Lithuania, Denmark, Spain, Russia, Slovakia, and Belarus.

In our sales offices “Euroshpon-Trade” located in Ukraine (Kiev, Dnipro, Lviv, Kharkov), Belarus (Minsk) you can buy colored ash quarter cut sliced veneer and other types of products. Contact us by phone numbers or leave a request and we will callback you.

“Euroshpon-Trade” — everything for manufacturers of furniture and doors!