Sliced veneer Rosewood Santos

Шпон строганный Палисандр Сантос
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Sliced veneer Rosewood Santos
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Description and characteristics — Sliced veneer Rosewood Santos

The company “Euroshpon-Trade” offers to buy veneer in Ukraine from leading foreign manufacturers, as well as the industry leader “Euroshpon-Smyga”. Sliced ​​veneer is a natural material for finishing work in the manufacture of furniture, doors, interior solutions, in turning. Here you will find high quality veneer from certified raw materials. 

Sliced ​​veneer Rosewood Santos (Pau Ferro) made of rosewood native to Bolivia. Exquisite decoration material will make your projects exclusive, whether it is luxury furniture or the interior of a yacht. It features a unique pattern, saturated color. You can buy veneer from us at a low price from this unique breed.

Advantages of working with us

With us you will find favorable conditions for wholesale buyers in terms of price and quality. We cooperate with large and small enterprises. 

  • Fast delivery in Ukraine and to other countries, directly from our warehouses.
  • A wide range of veneers — more than 50 species, which can be found in sales offices.
  • Other products for the manufacture of furniture and doors.
  • We will help with the selection of products and in placing an order. 

Characteristics of sliced veneer Rosewood Santos

  • Wood species: Rosewood Santos
  • Thickness: 0.54 mm
  • Length specification:
    • Furniture — up to 2050 mm
    • “Door” — 2100-2750 mm
    • “Panel” — 2800 mm+
  • Country of origin of raw materials: Import
  • Manufacturer: Import
  • Packing: in separate packages with an individual bar code and packaging information, on pallets up to 5000 m2.

Sorting by quality

  • Grade A — width from 100 mm, uniform color and texture: without knots, stem and core rays and mechanical damage. “Live” knots — 1 pc. per linear meter.
  • Grade B — width from 100 mm, minor defects are allowed: color changes, roughness (corrugation), stem and medullar rays, “live” knots.
  • Grade C — width from 90 mm, such defects are allowed: color changes, roughness (corrugation), stem and medullar rays, protein (sapwood), knots.

We also sort by request related varieties — “AB, BC”, which gives us the opportunity to fully satisfy your needs in the ratio of price and quality.

Application of sliced veneer Rosewood Santos

Sliced ​​veneer Rosewood Santos is made of Bolivian breed, which is known as an “iron tree” in the homeland. Colors are dark, ranging from red-brown to cognac, with a beautiful noble pattern of annual rings.

It is a very dense, durable, wear-resistant material. Suitable for interior and exterior decorating. Poorly accepts glues and varnishes, well polished, waxed, bent. 

Scopes of application:

  • Finishing of doors.
  • Furniture manufacturing.
  • Decorating yachts, cars.
  • Interior panels.
  • Parquet, laminate.
  • Stairs, railings.
  • Musical instruments.
  • Turning products.
  • Decor items.

Characteristics of wood

Pau Ferro is a rosewood belongs to a group of trees distributed around the world. This breed is native to Bolivia, partially distributed in Brazil. The heartwood is dark, the sapwood is pale yellow, clearly distinguishable. The grains are straight, sometimes interlocked. The texture is very dense, uniform, with a natural luster. Sometimes it can be rough, coarse.

Rosewood Santos refers to diffuse-porous breeds. The medullar rays are medium, moderate, with mineral deposits. They are visible, especially on a radial cut.

Technical properties of wood

Botanical name Machaerium scleroxylon
Strength, MPa


Compression along the fibers — 60.9

Static Bending — 122.4

Density, kg / m3 865
Hardness (Brinell coefficient) 5.5
Elastic modulus, GPa 10.86
Color From red-orange to deep dark brown, with contrasting brown or black stripes.
Texture Smooth, uniform, dense, with a strong sheen. 
Shrinkage Susceptibility to low breed suited
Workability All types of processing.
Wear resistance Highest class
Natural humidity 40-80%

About the producer of planed veneer

We cooperate with the leading veneer producer in Ukraine — “Euroshpon-Smyga”, as well as foreign partners. The company uses only certified raw materials, modern equipment, applies strict quality control. This approach ensures high-quality veneer, as evidenced by certificates for compliance with international standards: ISO 9001: 2009, IWAY, FSC.

“Euroshpon-Smyga” is a reliable partner for large and small enterprises from Ukraine and other countries: Denmark, Spain, Poland, Lithuania, Greece, Slovakia, Russia, Belarus. 

In the sales offices of “Euroshpon-Trade” in Ukraine (Kiev, Dnipro, Lviv, Kharkov), Belarus (Minsk) you can buy sliced veneer Rosewood Santos (Pau Ferro) and other materials. Contact us at the contact numbers indicated on the site, or leave a request, and our managers will contact you. 

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