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Sliced veneer Oregon
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Description and characteristics — Sliced veneer Oregon

At “Euroshpon-Trade”, you can buy veneers at a low price from local and foreign wood species. This natural, environmentally friendly material will be the final touch in the production of furniture, doors, interiors, terraces and decor items. We supply only quality products from certified raw materials directly from the supplier — “Euroshpon-Smyga”.

Sliced ​​veneer from Douglas fir (Oregon) distributed around the world, most of the raw materials for its production are imported from Australia and Northwest America. It features a typical pine pattern, high strength, durability, and easy workability. We offer to buy veneer in Ukraine from valuable wood of this and other species. 

Advantages of working with us

We strive to satisfy requests in terms of price and quality, creating favorable conditions for wholesale buyers. 

  • High level of service: product consultations, assistance in placing an order.
  • Delivery in Ukraine and other countries directly from our warehouses.
  • A wide range of veneers — more than 50 types of available and more expensive wood species.
  • An opportunity to get acquainted with product samples in our representations.

Sliced ​​veneer from Oregon characteristics

  • Wood species: Oregon
  • Thickness: 0.54 mm
  • Length specification:
    • “Furniture” — up to 2050 mm
    • “Door” — 2100-2750 mm
    • “Panel” — 2800 mm +
  • Country of origin of raw materials: Import
  • Manufacturer: Import
  • Packaging: in separate packages with an individual bar code and packaging information, on pallets up to 5000 m2.

Sorting by quality

  • Grade A — width from 100 mm, uniform color and texture: without knots, stem and medullar rays and mechanical damage. “Live” knots — 1 pc. per linear meter.
  • Grade B — width from 100 mm, minor defects are allowed: color changes, roughness (corrugation), stem and medullar rays, “live” knots.
  • Grade C — width from 90 mm, such defects are allowed: color changes, roughness (corrugation), stem and medullar rays, protein (sapwood), knots.

We also sort by request related varieties — “AB, BC”, which gives us the opportunity to fully satisfy your needs in the ratio of price and quality.

Application of the Oregon sliced veneer

Douglas Fir sliced ​​veneer has a light brown color, interspersed with red and yellow, darker annual rings. The pattern depends on the cut: with a radial cut, the fibers are straight and parallel, with a tangential one — ornate patterns. It has a nice rough texture. 

Finishing material is suitable for indoor use. It is well processed manually or using a tool. Accepts tinting, glues, impregnations, waxes, varnishes and other finishing materials. Before using fasteners, hardware, preliminary drilling is necessary. Despite the average hardness and density, it is a very strong and durable material. 

Scopes of application:

  • Production of doors, furniture.
  • Interior panels.
  • Finishing saunas, baths.
  • Interior panels.
  • Turning products.
  • Decor, interior items.
  • Musical instruments.

Wood Characteristics

Douglas Fir (Oregon) has a pronounced sapwood, 50-75 mm wide. The heartwood is dark, the grains are straight, with a noticeable difference between young and later wood. This creates a vivid pattern when sawing. The texture is often rough and uneven. A high resin content requires careful preparation for finishing. 

Wood has an average resistance to preservative treatment. Not resistant to insect pests. At the same time, it tolerates contact with the soil, with preliminary preparation — with water. 

Technical properties of wood

Botanical name Pseudotsuga menziesii
Strength, MPa


Compression along fibers — 47.9

Static bending — 86.2

Density, kg / m3 510
Hardness (Brinell coefficient) 3.1
Modulus of elasticity, GPa 12.17
Color Light brown, with a yellow tint, distinct annual rings.
Texture Medium to rough with a natural sheen.
Shrinkage Low
Workability All types of processing.
Wear resistance Top class
Natural humidity 40-80%

About the producer of sliced veneer

“Euroshpon-Smyga” is a leading manufacturer in Ukraine in the scope of woodworking. Uses only certified raw materials, both domestic and imported. This factor, as well as the use of advanced technologies, guarantee high quality veneer. This is evidenced by certificates of compliance with international standards: ISO 9001: 2009, IWAY, FSC.

“Euroshpon-Smyga” is a reliable partner for large and small enterprises from Ukraine and other countries: Denmark, Spain, Poland, Lithuania, Greece, Slovakia, Russia, Belarus. 

In the sales offices of “Euroshpon-Trade” in Ukraine (Kiev, Dnipro, Lviv, Kharkov), Belarus (Minsk), you can buy veneered planed oregon (Douglas fir) and other materials. Contact us at the contact numbers indicated on the site, or leave a request, and our managers will contact you. 

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