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Sliced veneer Ipe
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Description and characteristics — Sliced veneer Ipe

The company “Euroshpon-Trade” offers to buy veneer in Ukraine made from Ipe — exclusive and valuable exotic wood. Eco-friendly, safe, it will delight manufacturers and consumers. Also here you will find all the related materials for the manufacture of furniture, doors, interiors. 

Ipe sliced veneer, or the Brazil nut, is known for its exceptional decorative properties, as well as durability, wear resistance. Versatile in processing and application. With us, you can buy sliced veneer at a low price, made from local and rare wood species. 

Advantages to working with us

“Euroshpon-Trade” Wholesale Company is open to cooperation with manufacturers in Ukraine and across the world. You will find excellent service and individual approach here.

  • Deliveries directly from Euroshpon-Smyga and other leading brands, importers of raw materials.
  • Delivery across Ukraine and worldwide. 
  • Acquaintance with a wide range of veneers in our sales offices.
  • Helping with the selection of products, design documentation.

Characteristics of Ipe sliced veneer

  • Wood species: Ipe (Brazil nut)
  • Veneer thickness: 0.54 mm
  • Length options:
    • “Panel” — 2800 mm and more
    • “Door” — 2100-2750 mm
    • “Furniture” — up to 2050 mm
  • Country of origin of raw materials: Imported
  • Manufacturer: Imported
  • Packaging: individual packaging on pallets up to 5000 m2, there is an individual bar code and detailed packaging information.

Sorting by quality

  • Grade A — width 100 mm and above, the surface of the veneer is flat, without core and stem rays, mechanical defects. “Live” knots — 1 piece per linear meter. Color pattern is uniform
  • Grade B — width 100 mm and more. Errors: corrugations (irregularities), stem and medullary rays, “live” knots, color uneven.
  • Grade C — width 90 mm and more. The following errors are allowed: corrugation, sapwood (protein part of the stem), stem and medullary rays, knots.

By request. we also sort related varieties — “AB, BC”. This makes it possible to fully satisfy requests in the “price-quality” ratio.

Using of Ipe sliced veneer

Veneer planed from Ipe is an elite finishing material, highly valued when creating individual projects of interiors, furniture and doors. It is resistant to moisture and temperature drops, extremely wear-resistant, barely deform and not damaged by insects. Amenable to all types of treatment. It is necessary to drill holes to avoid cracking when fastening.

The texture is uniform, with pronounced vessels and grains, but unclear tree rings, iridescent luster. Noble chocolate brown color with yellowish-olive streaks. Over time, the veneer acquires a darker color.

  • Finishing furniture and doors, including street.
  • Covering stairs, floors and railings.
  • Parquet making, wall panels.
  • Terrace coverings.
  • Finishing yachts, cars.
  • Decorative items. 

Peculiarities of Ipe wood

Ipe, Brazil nut, lapacho, Pau d’arco, a species growing in Central and South America. Solid wood with pith and vascular rays, wide tree rings. Have dense grains, with a moderate natural gloss. It is considered one of the densest and durable wood in the world.

Has the following advantages: excellent weather resistance, strong wear resistance, workability with varnishes, impregnations and other topcoats. Dense, heavy and solid wood.

Workability, It is very tough to work with ipe because of its high density and rigidity. Additional treatment is required before glueing. At the same time, wood is elastic. No additional filling agents are required. 

Technical properties of wood 

Botanical name Handroanthus spp.
Breaking point, MPa Crushing strength — 95

Modulus of Rupture — 20.6

Chipping along the grains— 15.5

Density, kg / m3 1100
Hardness (Brinell coefficient) 6
Modulus of elasticity, GPa 22.07
Color Chocolate brown, with dark and light patches
Texture Very dense, fine, smooth, oily.
Shrinkage Low
Workability It’s not handled by hand, requires drilling, badly glued
Durability Highest grade
Natural humidity 100%
Durability Highest grade

About the manufacturer of sliced ​​veneer

The company “Euroshpon-Smyga” is one of the leading companies in the woodworking industry of Ukraine. It is a leader in the production of sliced ​​veneer, furniture edges, sawn lamella and other sawn timber.

Products meet the standards of ISO 9001: 2009, IWAY, FSC®. They also confirm the application of high technology, environmental processing of raw materials and social responsibility. Since 2018, is an authorized representative of IKEA.

“Euroshpon-Smyga” products are trusted in Ukraine and abroad. Permanent partners are enterprises of Poland, Greece, Lithuania, Denmark, Spain, Russia, Slovakia, Belarus.

About the company “Euroshpon-Trade”

In the sales offices of “Euroshpon-Trade” located in Ukraine (Kiev, Dnepr, Lvov, Kharkov) , Belarus (Minsk) you can buy sliced ipe veneer (Brazil nut), other lumber, adhesives, varnishes. We offer favorable conditions for wholesale buyers! Contact us by phone numbers listed on the site, or leave a request, and our managers will contact you. 

“Euroshpon-Trade” — everything for manufacturers of furniture and doors!