Sliced veneer Oak, radial

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Sliced veneer Oak, radial
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Description and characteristics — Sliced veneer Oak, radial

  • Wood species: Oak
  • Thickness: 0,54 mm; 0,9 mm; 1 mm; 1,5 mm; 2 mm
  • Specification by length:
    1. «Furniture» — up to 2050 mm
    2. «Door» — 2100-2750 mm
    3. «Panel» — 2800 mm +
  • Country of origin of raw materials: Ukraine
  • Manufacturer: «Euroshpon-Smyga»
  • Packaging: in individual packages with individual bar code and packing information, on pallets up to 5000 m2.

Sorting by quality

Sort A — width from 100 mm +, uniform color, smooth surface, without knots, stem and core rays and mechanical damages, «live» knots 1 pc. per meter linear.

Sort B — width from 100 mm +, not significant are allowed: color changes, unevenness (corrugation), stem and core rays, «live» knots.

Sort C — width from 90 mm +, allowed: discoloration, unevenness (corrugation), stem and core rays, protein (sapwood), knots.

Also we sort on request related varieties — «AB, BC», this gives us the opportunity to fully satisfy the customer in the «price-quality» ratio .

About the manufacturer

Manufacturer «Euroshpon-Smyga» was among the first and remains the best in its industry, we are known, respected, many companies from different parts of the world work with us. Using high-quality raw materials and modern processing technologies, gives the opportunity to offer our partners products that will satisfy any requests — from the highest quality to the best price.

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