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Sliced veneer Afrormosia
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Description and characteristics — Sliced veneer Afrormosia

Description and characteristics — Afrormosia sliced veneer

The company “Euroshpon-Trade” — a leading supplier of wood materials, adhesives, paints and varnishes. We offer to buy veneer in Ukraine wholesale from the manufacturer “Euroshpon-Smyga”. This is a natural decorative material, whose quality is confirmed by certificates for compliance with international standards, as well as the trust of our customers.

Afrormosia sliced veneer — exotic decorative material, durable and dense, versatile in processing and using. Often used as an alternative to tick. You can buy veneers at a low price, with a choice of length and grade. These are directly supplied from Euroshpon-Smyga, which guarantees fine veneer. 

Advantages to working with us

At “Euroshpon-Trade” we are open for collaboration with everyone! Here you will find an individual approach, a high-end service and the most profitable terms for wholesale buyers. 

  • Direct deliveries from leading manufacturers.
  • Delivery in Ukraine and worldwide from our warehouses.
  • A wide range of sliced and double veneer, edge bending and other products.
  • Product samples available in our sales offices.
  • Helping with the selection of veneer, glue, paints and varnishes.
  • Reasonable prices for afrormosia veneers and from other wood species.

Characteristics of Afrormosia sliced veneer

  • Wood species: Afrormosia, Afromosia
  • Veneer thickness: 0.54 mm
  • Length options:
    • “Panel” — 2800 mm and more
    • “Door” — 2100-2750 mmMebelny
    • “Furniture” — up to 2050 mm
  • Country of origin of raw materials: Imported
  • Manufacturer : Imported
  • Packaging: individual packaging on pallets up to 5000 m2, there is an individual bar code and packaging information.

Sort by quality

  • Grade A — width 100 mm and above, the surface of the veneer is flat, without core and stem rays, mechanical defects. “Live” knots — 1 piece per linear meter. Uniform color pattern.
  • Grade B — width 100 mm and more. Errors: corrugations (irregularities), stem and medullary rays, “live” knots, color uneven.
  • Grade C — width 90 mm and more. The following errors are allowed: corrugation, sapwood (protein part of the stem), stem and medullary rays, knots.

By request, we also sort related grades — “AB, BC”. This makes it possible to fully satisfy requests in the “price-quality” ratio.

Using of Afrormosia sliced veneer

Afrormosia sliced veneer has a sandy-brown color, a grain-dense texture, a slightly pronounced pattern of tree rings. The threadlike grains form a uniform web. 

The material is resistant to external factors, has a low thermal conductivity, so it is used in the exterior and the interior. However, contact with ferrous metals may discolor wood in the high humidity conditions

Workability is high, material is amenable to all types of chemical and mechanical stress, manual cutting, gluing, holds fasteners well. 

  • Manufacturing of furniture, also for garden.
  • Exterior and interior doors.
  • Musical instruments.
  • Decorative items, accessories.
  • Wall and ceiling panelling.
  • Finishing yachts, cars.

Characteristics of wood species

Afrormosia is an African tree species of the legume family. This is a heartwood wood with a mild sapwood (protein). The texture is dense, fine, with straight or crossed grains.

It has the following advantages: high density, viscosity, elasticity, resistance to sudden temperature changes, durability, wear resistance, biostability. Mechanical properties close to beech. 

Technical properties of wood Afrormosia

Botanical name Alnus incana
Breaking point, MPa Crushing strength — 54

Modulus of rupture — 87

Density (dried weight) kg / m3 710
Hardness (Brinell coefficient) 3.7
Elastic modulus, GPa 12.8
Color Medium, yellow -brown
Texture Medium, grained, dense.
Shrinkage Low
Workability May crack when nailing, therefore preliminary drilling is recommended.
Wear resistance Top class
Natural moisture 100%
Durability Top class

About the manufacturer of sliced veneer

We are official representatives of the company Euroshpon-Smyga. It is a leader of the production of sliced and doubled veneer, bending edges, lumber on the Ukrainian market. Within the framework of international cooperation it is a trusted supplier of imported veneer. 

The company’s products have passed certification for compliance with international standards ISO 9001: 2009, IWAY, FSC®. Since 2018 is an authorized supplier of IKEA.

Permanent partners of “Euroshpon-Smyga” are enterprises from other countries: Poland, Greece, Lithuania, Germany, Spain, Russia, Slovakia, Belarus. 

In the Euroshpon-Trade sales offices in Ukraine (Kiev, Dnipro, Lviv, Kharkov), Belarus (Minsk) you can buy Afrormosia sliced veneer and other lumber, glues, varnishes. Contact us by the numbers listed on the site, or leave a request, and our managers will contact you. 

“Euroshpon-Trade” — everything for manufacturers of furniture and doors!