Veneer for profile wrapping Anigre

Дублированный шпон Анегри
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Veneer for profile wrapping Anigre
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Description and characteristics — Veneer for profile wrapping Anigre

Description and characteristics Anigre wood veneer for profile wrapping

  • Wood species: Anigre
  • Dimensions:
    • Thickness: from 0.28 mm to 0.48 mm
    • Width: from 16 mm to 300 mm, stitching in width — according to customer’s request
    • Length: stitching in length and length roll — in accordance with the request of the client
  • Country of origin of raw materials: Import
  • Manufacturer: Euroshpon-Smyga
  • Packaging: rolls

Basis of backed wood veneer

The veneer for profile wrapping is a roll of spliced veneer sheets. They are joined along the length with the “zigzag”, which makes the material very durable, with almost imperceptible seams. The veneer is glued (cached) onto the fleece — a non-woven synthetic material that gives elasticity and stability. 

This production technology allows you to change its elasticity for different degrees of complexity of the profiles, through different thicknesses of the fleece base. Backing reduces or completely eliminates the cracking of veneers in places of its bending, as well as chips when chamfering at the edge when wrapping relief parts.

The use of duplicate veneer

Dubbed veneer is used for wrapping molded lumber: 

  • Molding fillet
  • Furniture cornices
  • Platbands
  • Plinth
  • Window profiles
  • Door frames

It is also relevant when wrapping relief panels in the membrane presses, edge processing to furniture components. 

Manufacturer of duplicated veneer

Manufacturer Euroshpon-Smyga was among the first and remains the best in its industry, we are known, respected, many companies from different parts of the world work with us. The use of high-quality raw materials and modern processing technologies makes it possible to offer our partners products that will satisfy any request — from the highest quality to the best price.

You can buy backed veneer or veneer for wrapping a profile at the Euroshpon-Trade sales office in Kiev, Ukraine — the best assortment and service here and now!