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Lumber board Movingui
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Description and characteristics — Lumber board Movingui

  • Series: Movingui (Ayan)
  • Dimensions:
    • Thickness: from 26 mm to 52 mm
    • Width: 150 mm +
    • Length: 2100 mm +
  • Country of origin of raw materials: import
  • Manufacturer: import
  • Packaging: individual boards laid in pallets
  • Quality: FAS variety

Characteristics of wood

Movingui is an exotic species belonging to satintrees. Grows in West Africa. The color is yellow, with orange-brown tones, darkens with time. The grains pattern is diverse and complex. The rays are narrow or medium, noticeable. The texture is fine, uniform with a natural pronounced luster. The breed has medium resistance to decay, attack of insects, moisture and temperature extremes. 

Lumber of movingui generally easy to process, although the silica content may be blunt blades. On a quartersawn cut this risk increases. It well glues, treated with topcoats, and polishes. Moderately amenable to steam bending. Cracking may occur during planing, carbonization during drilling. Otherwise, it is a very beautiful variety of wood, popular in internal and external works.

Technical properties of wood

Botanical name Distemonanthus benthamianus
Density 720 kg / m3 
Elastic modulus (GPa) 12.2
Tensile bending strength (MPa) 129.2
Tensile compressive well(MPa) 61.3
Hardness (Brinell) 5.6%
Radial Shrinkage 3.5
Tangential shrinkage 5.7%
Volumetric shrinkage 10%

Applications of lumber

Movingui lumber widely used in construction work: floors, stairs. It is used for interior and decoration products, turning, in carpentry (windows, doors, furniture, window sills, etc.).

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