Natural edge banding Linden

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Natural edge banding Linden
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Description and characteristics — Natural edge banding Linden

Description and characteristics — Linden Edge banding

Edge banding materials made from natural veneer are thin strips of the required length. Designed for finishing the open ends of the base in veneered products. The basis can be chipboard, MDF, plywood and other composite materials. In “Euroshpon-Trade” you can buy furniture edge banding wholesale at an affordable price. High quality is guaranteed thanks to direct deliveries from the leading Ukrainian manufacturer — company “Euroshpon-Smyga”

Functions of the edge banding:

  • Makes the finished product more aesthetic.
  • Protects the ends from external factors: moisture, mechanical damage.
  • Protection of a thin layer of veneer from chips and delamination.
  • Protection against harmful chemical fumes from the base.

Characteristics of edge banding

  • Wood species: Linden
  • Sizes:
    • Thickness: 0,5; 1; 1.5; 2; 2.5; 3; 3.5; 4 mm
    • Length: according to customer’s request
  • Country of origin of raw materials: Ukraine
  • Manufacturer: Euroshpon-Smyga
  • Packaging: rolls
  • Base: edge 0.5 mm thick has a fleece or glue base, glue + fleece base is also possible. An edge with a thickness of 1 mm or more is produced without a base.

Application rules

Linden wood has bright hues with a matte luster. This is an average breed in density and gravity, fragile, non-elastic. Its characteristics improve after drying. Not suitable for use in humid conditions, with a temperature difference. It bends, cuts, polishes well, can be treated with varnishes, paints, stains. Holds fasteners, drilled well. It is important to note that wood does not tolerate sunlight — it loses its color over time. It is also important to avoid contact with iron. The edge banding from linden wood is best used for indoor products: interior doors, furniture in the living room, bedroom and other rooms with a stable microclimate. 

About the manufacturer

“Euroshpon-Smyga” was among the first and remains the best in its industry, we are known, respected by many companies from different parts of the world work with us.

Using of high-quality raw materials and modern processing technologies makes it possible to offer our partners products that will satisfy any request — from the highest quality to the best price.

You can purchase all products at the Euroshpon-Trade sales office in Kiev, Ukraine — the best range and service here and now!