Polyurethane varnish TM4287-0025 Sherwin-Williams

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Polyurethane varnish TM4287-0025 Sherwin-Williams
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Description and characteristics — Polyurethane varnish TM4287-0025 Sherwin-Williams

  • Color: Transparent
  • Weight: 0,98 (± 0,03) kg/l
  • solids: 47 (± 2)% by weight
  • Viscosity: 40-50 sec at 20 °C Ford Cup 4
  • Haze: 10-matt 25-silky-matt, 60 glossy
  • Storage: 12 months, maximum at 30 °C

Transparent 2-component polyurethane varnish layer by layer. Maybe use without soil. Ideal for finishing of open-solid hardwood (oak, ash, etc.). Dries quickly, creates high-quality and durable coating. Sprayed, lakonalivom on doors, wooden panels, furniture facades, interior elements.

Coating materials for wood from the world’s largest producer «Sherwin-Williams».

About «Sherwin-Williams»

«Sherwin-Williams» — one of the largest companies in the production of paints and varnishes. It is expanding its production on all continents since the late nineteenth century. History of Sherwin-Williams begins with names – Henry Sherwin and Edward Williams. Thanks to them, the company has become the world’s best.

The manufacturer has a huge assortment list — high quality paints, enamels, primers, impregnating varnishes, etc. The company «EUROSHPON-TRADE» the distributor of «Sherwin-Williams» (Sherwin-Williams) in Ukraine.

In a partial list of brands owned by Sherwin-Williams include: Sherwin-Williams Krylon, Minwax, Cuprinol, Dutch Boy, Formby’s, Pratt&Lambert, Martin Senour, H&C, White Lightning, Dupli-Color, SeaGuard, Sher-Wood, Polane, Kem, Hi-Temp.

Today it is a multinational perfect trust, high quality, excel in the production of new materials with new and new advantages. The Company owns 34 plant and 3,000 branded stores.

«Sherwin Williams» — where quality is paramount. «EUROSHPON-TRADE» — distributor of paints «Sherwin Williams». We invite you to cooperate, we will be glad to see you as our partner.