Adhesive melt for edge banding UNIMELT 519-1

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Adhesive melt for edge banding UNIMELT 519-1
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Description and characteristics — Adhesive melt for edge banding UNIMELT 519-1

It is a thermoplastic hotmelt adhesive based on  synthetic resin and EVA. 

Application areas: 

UNIMELT 519-1 is a medium viscosity adhesive  on edge banding machines for bonding PVC  and melamine edgebands. 

Technical specifications:

Color : Natural
Appearance : Granular
Brookfield Viscosity : 55000 ± 20000mPa.s  (spindle at 190ºC 29 50 rpm)
Softening Point : 98 ± 5 ºC


Humidity in Material : 8-10% Humidity in the Air : 65-75% Material and Environment Temperature: >15ºC Tank Temperature : 180-200 ºC Roller Temperature : 180-200 ºC


Environment temperature must be around 15°C  during the application process. Adhesive must  be applied to one surface of the material to be  adhered. Air humidity should be %65-75 and  product humidity should be %8-10.



25 Kg Paper Bag

Shelf life:

Shelf life is 12 months at room temperature  (18-20 °C).



On undesirable oil and dust surfaces, it prevents  the formation of a strong bond and the desired  strength cannot be obtained.

The temperature inside the adhesive thank  should be considered, and be controlled  frequently due to changes in weather &  conditions. During season changes adhesive  temperature must be measured by thermometer  devices.
The temperature of the application surface and  environment must be higher than 15ºC Otherwise, successful results cannot be achieved  due to faster drying time.

Adhesive tank should be cleaned frequently.  The amount of the adhesive, which is applied on  the surfaces, can vary due to type of the  materials. Some undesired results may occur  such as over usage and inadequate usage. In  these cases, glue setting should be applied.

In case of giving a pause, adhesive temperature  must be binded at 100-110°C to keep  performance higher and a prevent glue from  burning.