Adhesive melt Henkel AQUENCE FU 424 for splicing veneer

Клей расплав для сращивания шпона Henkel AQUENCE FU 424
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Adhesive melt Henkel AQUENCE FU 424 for splicing veneer
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Description and characteristics — Adhesive melt Henkel AQUENCE FU 424 for splicing veneer

Adhesive melt for splicing veneer Henkel AQUENCE FU 424 (former name DORUSTU 424) is a phenol-formaldehyde resin in powder form. The glue is stored for a long period of time. After drying, the glue becomes translucent. Adhesive melt Henkel AQUENCE FU 424, has a high content of binder. Long life time of ready glue — about 8 hours.

Adhesive melt Henkel AQUENCE FU 424 has the following characteristics:

Technology Phenol-formaldehyde resin
Type product Adhesive for splicing veneer
Application Structural bonding
Appearance Translucent after drying


  • cross and longitudinal veneer splicing

Properties product

  • Long-term powder storage
  • Long life time of ready glue ~8 hours
  • High content of binder

Instructions for using Adhesive melt Henkel AQUENCE FU 424

Recommendations for use and technical data

Before use, please read the safety Data sheet for information on safety precautions and safety recommendations. Precautions must always be taken. Please always follow the internal safety instructions. If necessary, contact Henkel for support.

Open time

Open time at 20 °C:
Consumption 100 g/m2, min ~6
Consumption 200 g/m2, min ~15

Temperature and standard pressing time

Pressing temperature, °C Pressing time, min
At 80-90 °C ≥5
At 90-95 °C ≥4
At 95-100 °C ≥3
At 100-105 °C ≥2,5
At 105-110 °C ≥2
At 110-115 °C ≥1,5

Necessary time of pressing: standard time, plus 1 minute for each mm of veneer thickness.

The working temperature of the adhesive and the workpiece must be at least +10 °C.

Working temperature

Depending on the type and thickness of veneer, 140-170 °C for splicing machines:

  • With 0.8 mm veneer thickness: ~145 °C
  • With 0.3 mm veneer thickness: 150-170 °C


Ready-to-use adhesive mix:

  • 1 volume part water: 10 kg water.
  • 3 dimensional parts AQUENCE FU 424: 18 kg of AQUENCE FU 424

Preparation of adhesive mortar:

First, pour water into the mixing tank. Then add the glue powder until you obtain a creamy consistency without lumps. You can use any available mixing equipment.

Time life

Life time depending on ambient temperature, at 20°C: ~8 h


The edge of the veneer is covered with glue roller, and then the glue is dried. For drying veneer with fresh adhesive should be spread out like a fan.


Bonding veneers with adhesive prednnisone comes at the expense of thermoactivation in the press.

Clean up

Cleaning painting equipment from uncured adhesive residues, it is possible to produce cold or warm water. Hardened residues are removed mechanically.

Storage of adhesive melt Henkel AQUENCE FU 424

Storage life up to 9 months without significant loss of adhesive properties. The opened inner plastic bag must be tightly sealed to prevent the powder from coming into contact with moisture.