Adhesive melt Henkel TECHNOMELT KS 611 for edgebanding

Клей расплав для наклеивания кромки Henkel TECHNOMELT KS 611
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Adhesive melt Henkel TECHNOMELT KS 611 for edgebanding
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Description and characteristics — Adhesive melt Henkel TECHNOMELT KS 611 for edgebanding

Adhesive melt for edgebanding of Henkel TECHNOMELT KS 611 (formerly DORUS Q 611) — glue-melt based on EVA

Adhesive melt Henkel TECHNOMELT KS 611 has the following characteristics:

Technology EVA
Product type Melt adhesive
Application Edge clipping
Appearance Granules, Natural, White, Brown, Black

Areas of Application

  • Edgebanding on passing equipment from 15 m/min
  • Edge material: veneer, melamine, polyester, HPL*, PVC*, ABS*, PP*

* Applicability depends on the characteristics of the edge material and priming.

Product Properties

  • Low viscosity
  • Low consumption when used for lamination and caching
  • Suitable for low speed lines
  • Clean application
  • Very good wetting
  • Forms a thin adhesive seam
  • High ultimate bond strength

Technical data Henkel TECHNOMELT KS 611

Softening point (ring and ball), °C ~95
Brookfield viscosity is 200 °C, mPa*s ~35 000
Temperature resistance, °C (Tested on 0.6 mm oak veneer using the Henkel standard temperature increase technique) ~80

Recommendations for use

Before use, read the Safety Data Sheet for information on safety precautions and safety recommendations. Always take precautionary measures. Please always follow the internal safety instructions. If necessary, contact Henkel for support.

Instructions for use of the adhesive melt Henkel TECHNOMELT KS 611

Operating temperature

  • Recommended operating temperature: in the melting tank — 160-190 °C
  • Recommended operating temperature: on the applicator roller — 160-190 °C

Safety precautions

Melt adhesives release volatile substances even within operating temperatures. The smell of vapors may cause irritation. Long-term temperature influence on the melt can cause partial decomposition of the glue. Therefore, it is necessary to take measures to ensure the removal of vapors from the working area, for example, by installing aspirating equipment.

Storage of melt adhesive TECHNOMELT KS 611

Store in original tightly closed container in a cool dry place. Shelf life (in the original packaging) is 2 years.